Create website with sidebar

Hi, I am creating a website in wordpress. I want to show my sidebar in toggle button in mobile view.

On home page of the blog, I want to display all the books. When user clicks on any book, he should be able to read all the contents of that book chapter wise as we read in 4 and 8.

Currently my home page shows all the posts. I have categorized all the post under different chapters.
How do I do that in wordpress? Which theme and plugins are best suited for that? Contents will be free.


I think you need custom sidebar based on post category.

In theme you must select Template with sidebar for the post.

I have differ sidebar for every page. i want to show sidebar on toggle button in mobile view like w3schools and tutorialspoint.

I guess you want like this

click me to see
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Try this plugin