Ctr increased after amp installed on my website, what to do?

Recently I installed amp on my website. From that movement Ctr is increased to 5% to 10%. I don’t know what to do. Please tell me the solution.

What is the problem with ctr unless it is not false click or you have done something fishy. Its totally fine if clicks are organic. Dont worry. Enjoy higher revenue while it lasts.

The CTR has increased because u are prbably now featured on news websites.

Yes, My site belongs to news category. Ctr is high for news sites?

Yes. And AMP is needed if u are a news site. If suddenly ur news goes viral, ur server wont be able to manage. So best to go with AMP. Let google manage the load. Because AMP also pays lesser then mobile

And there is a big problem with traffic also. Real traffic is not updating CORRECTLY in adsense.
Daily My site will get around 2k page views in google analytics. But in adsense it shows only 800 to 1k. And impressions also decreased. why ?

@BihariLala - Ur point of view?

@B_A_Dhanunjaya - have u implemented adsense for AMP? Via a plugin or so?

It could be that you appearing on Top Stories/Similar carousel.

AMP doesn’t improve position, CTR or traffic unless you are a Google News approved publisher.

How to get approved for google news?

Yes, At first I placed ads in default amp plugin then I used " Ads for WP - Advanced Ads & Adsense Solution for WP & AMP " plugin. But no change, still adsense page views count is less than analytics count.

What ever it may be, I am facing same issue. Please give any solution.

Have you checked if the AMP ad units are having the highest CTR? How many clicks in a day?

Surprisingly ctr fixed to around 2% after a small change. We need to place maximum manual ads in a post, I placed sticky ads also then ctr issue fixed. But still page views not fixed.