Custom OG suggestion

Hi, I’m not sure what to name the title of this topic. :sweat_smile:


Here’s what I have made.

The above image is dynamically generated based on the topic by @AbhishekVerma.


I saw the twitter handle of GulshanForum posting links of the discussions, I thougth, why not make them interesting.
Also, I wanted to make something cool during my #100DaysOfCode challenge.


This is the URL of the above image.

Format:-{URL of the disscussion}

If you want to take a look at the code, here’s the repo:-

Ohh, I forgot to mention it’s based on serverless architecture. And made using NodeJs.

Hope you like this… Further I want to learn ruby and create an extension for discourse to add… but that’s for future… :grin:


Discourse doesn’t provide me with any option to set Dynamic image. So, I created once static image and that’s going on for all Discussion.

I use IFTTT app to automate sharing with RSS feed.
Any idea of how it would be possible to share new post with dynamic Image?

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I’m looking into discourse docs to do so… :grin:

no hurry up, take your time.


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Hi @GulshanKumar if you’re free then I can setup it in IFTTT.

Invite me to Anydesk or TeamViewer

Can we do it tomorrow? Little busy right now.

Sure. :slight_smile:

@piyush your API is very slow. Can you host it on my server here:

I embedded the image here and it displays but takes a lot of time.

It’s working with IFTTT i found the solution.

@GulshanKumar I will implement it tommorow. Let me know, when you’ll be free.

Looks like I need cache some requests and Make it’s quality bit better.
The current size is 600x300… will make 1200x600…

Yes you should

@GulshanKumar please visit:

I think you can implement this thing now.