Daily backlinks?

(Ad Smart Life) #1

What are the activities that I should follow to get backlinks daily?
After writing a post what should I do the immediate actions?
Suggest apart from social promotion.
Like FB,twitter,Goole plus etc

(Saksham Kumar) #2

Daily backlinks? You still think only backlink can get you more traffic.

(Rajdeep Das) #3

Promote your site via Google AdWords to increase the traffic of your website.
Choose a attractive content of your site for AdWords ,so people will come.
But remember Google AdWords is not fully free.
Google AdWords link
Hope you will get more traffic on your site.
Thank you
Have a great day :slight_smile:

(Ad Smart Life) #4

Ofcourse content.
What else

(Ad Smart Life) #5

Thank you very much.

But I am looking for free ways

(Rajdeep Das) #6

Just share your site’s before your friends & others
And share it on social medias
That’s the only free way