Database Error With Digital Ocean

I am using the digital ocean as my hosting provider and my daily traffic is around 2k. But many times my site down saying database error but after checking all the things I found there is no issue.
And when I request the server to restart MySQL then sites go up but again after some time same problem repeats.

This guide should help.

Take backup of your current site before following this guide.

Further, I want to say that auditing theme and plugin might help. If you can share Site Health Info from WordPress Dashboad > Tools, it would be helpful.

I got almost same problem
Later I couldn’t figure it out and signup and asked Cloudways about my problem and on same day migrated to Cloudways.

I’m not a developer but I have a site that’s hosted on DigitalOcean which gets around 10k users every day and it handles it fine. I use one droplet at $20 a month.