DDOS security enabled in cloudfare and seeing a spike in direct traffic in google analytics

Hi !

I have a math website with around 120 visitors per day .
I recently saw a spike in the direct users of the website around 35 users from google analytics on 22nd so I enabled DDOS protection.

On enabling the protection, the direct users are shown as 119 in the analytics.
Is it normal to have this behaviour ?Screenshot_128

Maybe it’s your own visits.

I won’t suggest to enable DDoS protection, that can block the crawlers and your site won’t be updated in SERPs.

Oh ok.

But I was confused why it shows all the traffic as direct.is it because of DDOS even it is organic visit , it is shown as direct.

because my google ads got suspended saying there were direct visits.

What is the best way to avoid these direct visits?
Thank you


:warning: Do not use Cloudflare Under Attack mode. Since it forces JavaScript challenge, ultimately it blocks Search Engine crawler with error 5XX.

If you need Bots and DDoS protection, I would recommend using Sucuri WAF which offers protection with CDN services. It comes with 30 days refund policy. Feel free to try!

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