Debit Card for International Transactions

Which is the best debit card for doing online international transactions?

Do SBI debit card works for this?

Yes, you can use SBI International Debit Card for Online International transactions. But sometimes this cards also not accepted in some places. So better option is to use a Credit Card.

You can easily get SBI Unnati Credit Card by doing a FD on your bank. This card has no any joining fees or annual charges.

So chose Credit Card for International transactions rather than Debit Card.


Kotak811 debit card works in most of the places…download the app and you will get one…

SBI visa international debit card only work through paypal…


For one-time payment ‘SBI Platinum International Debit Card’ is best. It comes with higher limit and attractive rewardz points offer.

For recurring, SBI Debit Card doesn’t work. You need their Credit Card or get ICICI Visa Card that works everywhere.