December 2018 AdSense Earnings and Report


I don’t think soo :cry::cry:


Finally my CTR is in control


How is December treating you?

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  • Good, Better than November
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Anyone got the payment?


Yes, got the payment.


I also received the payment. :blush:


payment received :blush:


Yes received the payment


I didn’t received it yet. Waiting…!


Still not received the payment :expressionless::no_mouth:.


Did any anyone received the payment to their SBI accounts? Just now someone from my bank branch office called me and told me to bring the invoice copy of the payment. When I asked why he said it’s some declaration or something and I didn’t understand properly. When asked him again he answered in a rude tone so I didn’t say anything.

Does anyone one know what this is for and what declaration was that?


Print it from your Payment section and submit at the branch. Sometimes bank has to do paperwork. Foreign transaction, So.



Is the purpose code common for everyone? I mean for all banks?


The most suitable purpose code for reporting adsense income and other blogging income is P1007, which includes “advertising, trade fair, market research and public opinion polling services”, according to rbi guidelines.

So, yes.


Traffic Drop In Last Week Of Dec. ??

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Still not received the payment. What should I do now :thinking:! Usually, I get the payment on 25-27th of the month. But this time…still waiting!


Don’t get panic bro… there were too many strikes in bank from 21st dec. to 26th , i have not received the payment too… please wait for today, if you not get it by today , you may have to wait till 3rd jan.


Same here dear, didn’t receive payment


Update: Just received payment.


Hey @Yatin , have u got the payment ?? i received the payment today :slight_smile: