Decline in organic traffic

Since last week I am noticing that my website’s organic traffic is declining by 10-50 organic users per day. Although on webmaster CTR has increased and rankings remained almost the same.

I am thinking that it is due to my website speed not because of coronavirus as after changing to ezoic nameservers my website’s speed score has reached about 13-19 from 78 for mobile. What do you guys think could be the reason? Also in terms of speed which is better nameservers or plugin? Also, anyone noticed the same?

I dont think speed cost that much in rankings. Yes it increase bounce rate a little bit. 1-2% but nothing more than that.
I had used cloudflare integration.
However plugin works fine as well.

Once I thought this and used heavy themes.

But after switching to a light theme, i have seen improvement in SEO score as well as in traffic retaintion.

Also, I think @sajjad have the same experience.
Because he was using Newspaper (Now known as Newspaper X by Tagdiv)theme before, which was very heavy.
But when he switched to Generatpress, I noticed massive improvements in his websites as well as more traffic.

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Theme and ads are totally different things.
I switched from wp ocean to a premium custom theme and i saw huge boost in few months itself. Although earlier theme was good as well.
Ads $ucks. Whether its a premium ad or adsense or something ezoic.
However ezoic does make the initial load time a little slower which is annoying but after that loading is quite fast. So its not that bad.
And if you see that way neither ad companies do well. All have their pros and cons. Its just that premium ones pay better with less obtrusive ads.
Here is a screenshot. I changed the theme around december 1st week.
And by the way the site was on ezoic for the period of Oct-Jan. Then i got into mediavine.