Decrease in Adsense CPC Year by Year

I am an Adsense publisher since 2008. I am looking the decrease in Adsense CPC every year.
It is decreased significantly from $0.35 to $0.04 in this period of time for me.
I am surviving here in the blogging field because of the increase in blog traffic from 10K per month to 800K per month otherwise it is impossible to stay here in such a situation.
Is there anyone in the community who has faced this decrease in CPC over this period of time?
In my opinion, Google is increasing his share and now he is taking 80% instead of 32%.

I recommend going with cpm company. I was using adsense all this time and thought adsense was the best out there but currently I am using cpm based ad network and my earnings has gone up by 40%.

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Which one you are using?

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@Suprim please tell us that cpm network

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Which region?

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Its @Ankur. With adsense in December with around 400k visitors and 2.3m pv I made £940 which is around $1.2k and December is the time you earn best. With freestar I have already made around $2.4k in January and with only 250k visitors and 800k pv

Which ad network you are working with

I think most of your traffic is from UK. I still have $0.35 CPC in UK and Adsense will give more earning than yours if I would have most of traffic from UK.
Is there any solution for Indian traffic?

No, the sad fact is indian advertisers don’t spend much in ads.
There is nothing much we can do about it. Whatever advertisers you go with.
You can try ezoic, although it hurts the speed a little bit it does get you better pay.

I am unable to understand this decrease in cpc over last 12 years. New companies have opened and number of advertisers has increased therefore ad compitition would also have increased. Then cpc must be increased but it is going down every year.

Have you people also seen this decrease in cpc over the period of time?

You talking about 12 years, I’m seeing this in just 4 years of my experience with Adsense. I started earning decent money from late 2017. RPM would be over $12 since I get 90 percent visitors from the United States. And now, the average is 7 (which I know isn’t bad). The CTR, CPC everything went down suddenly in April 2019. The holiday season was also not great and January has been a disaster with average CPC being 0.12.

Lol, switch to mediavine or adthrive if you have good traffic from US.
I get around 15$+ rpm on those networks depending upon the niche.
I recently moved one site from adsense to mediavine and saw rpm go up from 2$ to 14$ in a single day :joy:
Adsense is pathetic for blogs.

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For india I am getting $0.16 cpm

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