Delete Woo store and start over in new niche

Hello, I hope all of you are doing great, I have made a woocommerce shop before 6 months and was learning, it was slow and I added many products that I don’t want now, I rebuild it now with deffernt products and a lot of changes, so before I drop the old site and upload the new site to the same domain, What I have to do with old google search results?? 99% of the links will be broken!! I want to delete all the old data in google search and let google reindex it again. I want to start over fresh. I read somewhere about using URL Removals Tool in Google Search Console then upload the new sitemap. Is this right? Any suggestions?

Just ignore old links.

So you mean I just delete the old site and upload the new site then submit the sitemap for the new site? Just like that?? What about the errors in search console? Will they disappear later? When someone click my website from google search they gonna see 404 error page I think that will effect the domain authority ?? Will the deleted URLs dropped automatically from the search index without the need to use the removals tool in search console?? As I understand please correct me if I’m wrong, When google see 404 url it will drop it from it’s index but that could take much time. I have came across an article saying to speed up the process it advisable to use the removal tool or submit the old website sitemap after deleting it and that will make google crowle and see the 404 faster than wait for google to do it automatically?