Delivery Of Product To Consumer HOW?


I m amazon affiliate. What suppose if any user like my product and want to buy instead of direct clicking on my affiliate link and he ask me to deliver the product to his/her address? As i have already affiliate account, can i “change my address of delivery” to “address of customer” to deliver the product from my associate account? will i still get commision?


You got it all wrong. When you are an affiliate, you only provide the link to the products, you don’t sell it by yourself.
For the customer, it will usual Amazon shopping experience. You get commissions only for 3rd party purchases.

Eg. I want a MacBook Air and you have provided your affiliate link on your blog/FB page/group (whatever), if I use that link to go to Amazon MacBook air page and purchase it then only you’ll get the commission.

Here, you are simply providing a link. Rest will be dealt with by Amazon and the original seller. Moreover, you will not get the commission if you order it yourself.


Ic…so I was mistaken above. Thanks for clearing my doubt :slight_smile: