Difference: Vultr vs DO


Difference: Vultr vs DO. DO (right one) is so slow… :sweat_smile:
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Can you please share test report link?


He sent me actual test report, where I learned that Vultr is slightly faster in TTFB than Digital Ocean.

DO: 77ms
VR: 48ms


The problem has been started after the new DO plans are arrived. Now DO is not focusing on better servicing because they think pricing only matters. I’m also seeing the declined in performance after creating new droplet. Previous droplet was really faster. Now I’m also thinking to move my site to Vultr as soon as possible.


BS: Block Storage? We mostly don’t need. :slight_smile:


What is Block Storage and for what it is used? :thinking:


It seems, they have:


Never used Vultr, currently checking their spaces. So can’t say about the insight story. :slight_smile:


My site was down around 8 times today in NYC (DO) despite having 32GB RAM and 8VCPU.

Shall I switch to vultr (NCY)? cc @GulshanKumar


Our engineering team has implemented a fix to resolve the issues with network connectivity in NYC3 and all events have been re-enabled. We will be operating at a reduced redundancy and will be performing additional work to fully resolve this issue. We will notify users in advance of scheduling this. If you experience problems in the meantime, please open up a support ticket.
Posted about 2 hours ago. Mar 05, 2018 - 07:15 UTC

There’s not even a single day without problems on DO.

Paying $230 to DO is not WORTH!!


Yes, you are right. I am also facing this in NYC server, just purchased 4-days ago.


From where did you find this data? UP again / X minute downtime?


Pingdom :smiley:


When my site not opened, I tried cmd command to check ping.

ping yoursite.com -t

BTW, thanks!



My site loading very slow after i moved to DO


It was down times, and every downtime was 3 minutes. So total downtime: 24 minutes and for a couple of minutes the site was turtle slow.

Remember such downtime negatively affects your SEO :wink:


@GulshanKumar Will appreciate a DO vs Vultr comparison post. Couldn’t find anything any useful comparison on the web, so asking you!

I’m interested in latency test between Vultr/DO (NYC) to Mumbai/London. @GulshanKumar any idea?


Of course, yes.


Okay, I will check. Thanks for the suggestion.


You should choose as per your target audience. That’s most important.