Digital Ocean Payment

I wanted to pay in Digital ocean before 1 month ending but I didn’t get how to pay and today one month is over but I didn’t get any message or notification. How to pay?

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Bro before a month you have take to make payment.

Because, Digital Ocean send an alert email something like " you need to top up your account" and suppose if billing month is end they don’t shut down server but get extra charges.

You can make payment
digital ocean >> billing account >> there you will find option to pay digital ocean.

Keep some amount in your wallet, it’s a prepaid system. The amount will be deducted automatically based on the usage. Ref:

Digital Ocean starts to detect money on Month 1st Week. If your Account has no money means then Digitalocean give you some time (20 to 25 days) to pay your bill.

I have added my Axis bank DEBIT Card, payment gets done at end. They send receipt at mail.