Digital ocean suggestion

Hello guys just want to know that is it easy to manage a wordpress site on digital ocean.

I never used vps so please share your thoughts and what challenges can a fresher face while managing wordpress site on digital ocean.

There are certain challenges. I will be straight forward.

  • You must be familier with Linux commands. If you don’t know about it, learn first because time to time you may need to update server, debug any issue if arises. That learning part can be frustrating because it’s not like Windows GUI based OS. For everything, it would be like - open terminal and start typing command like sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y that’s a way to go.

  • Managing a server is not easy like 123. Especially, when your site can get hacked it would be annoying experience to deal with it. Whole day you will be spending figure out how to fix that. More worst, in case of not having backup.

  • Mishappening is possible! Please be prepared for the worst! Don’t trust too much any Cloud/Hosting provider. You must keep off-site backup. Off site means, keeping backup at 3rd party Cloud such as S3, Google Drive. Also, keep local backup.

  • You can save money with any unmanaged Cloud but not time. Because it will take in learning, updating, discovering, breaking and building.

  • If any issues arises, it can be time taking for a beginnner to resolve that.

  • If you are completely new to this thing, I would suggest - please do not try for Production site. Try for a test site if you have some free time to play.

Good luck!


So which hosting is good for high traffic sites

Like I am having several sites which are high traffic so which hosting type I should choose any suggestions

You should be using Kinsta. You can save a lot of time and headache that goes in managing a server. This will allow you to focus on your business and making more money.

They host high volume agency, fortune 500 companies.

What they offer?

Pros :+1:

  • A performance obsessed hosting.

  • 20+ Server locations powered by Google Cloud Platform, highly secured and premium tier network ensure faster performance.

  • Best for :india: Indian audience as they have server located in Mumbai, India also.

  • The company also offer Premium DNS services via AWS Route53 which helps in faster resolving of domain.

  • They understand WordPress and this is a proof. They route all outgoing e-mails via Sendgrid ensure that you will never miss any notification from your WordPress and it will land directly to primary inbox.

  • Security is important, therefore they offer Daily/Manual/System generated automatic backup system

  • A+++ technical support like a personal consultant who are developer, not sales man, understand in and out of WordPress, highly sincere and responsible even if chat goes disconnected they drop their replies via e-mail. :hushed: (This is what I liked most). I have never seen this professional ethics with other host.

  • Complimentary Free Kinsta CDN powered via KeyCDN.

  • This host is for everyone. Available in multilingual: English, Espanish, Italiano, etc.

  • Multisite Compatibility

  • 30 days refund policy

Cons :-1:

  • Expensive as per visitor and PHP worker limit, if you pay more that’s not an issue.

  • Uses cheapest CDN provider - KeyCDN. Instead, they should be using Google CDN.

  • They don’t host e-mail however G-suite integration is recommended way from their side.

  • They are secure at host level however for DDoS level protection, you need Sucuri.

How they are different than other?

Kinsta always being up to date with latest and greatest technology such as LXD container ensure secure environment. Your get dedicated resources for each site. It’s not shared with anyone.

In details

  • Ubuntu 16.04 (A long term supported Linux distro)

  • PHP 7.3, it’s 2x faster than typical 5.6.

  • HTTP/2 protocol (Faster than traditional HTTP 1.1 or SPDY)

  • MariaDB 10 (Faster than MySQL)

  • Free SSL via Let’s Encrypt, custom SSL is also supported

  • One click to Staging / Push changes to live

  • One click to backup / restore will never fail to impress with its speed

  • They offer free hosting migration.

  • Proper documentation of each and every things

  • 99.9% up time, protected with SLA

  • Hack-fix guarantee. You don’t need to worry if site get hacked

  • Developer friendly, WP-CLI supported. I personally love this feature because it’s easy to update WordPress with simple commands.