DigitalOcean New Plans and Pricing Updated

1$ increase on basic droplets and introduced 4$ droplet… :worried:

Product New Starting Prices
New 10GB Basic Droplet $4 per month
25GB Basic Droplet $6 per month
25GB Premium Intel/AMD Droplets $7 per month
DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes $12 per month
Droplet Snapshots $0.06 GB per month
Volume Snapshots $0.06 GiB per month
Load Balancers $12 per month per node
Floating IPs $5 per month when reserved but not assigned to a Droplet
Custom image $0.06 per GB per month to store
Managed Databases* (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis) $60 per month for a plan with Basic Droplets and 1 additional node

Sad. Revenue is already down. Inflation is all time high.
This change will happen across hosting industry very soon.

Yes, New Price begins on July 1. Src: New DigitalOcean Pricing | DigitalOcean

Con: 512MB RAM in $4 droplet.

DigitalOcean giving 2 months free credits to Old accounts till July… I think
I received one

Was there any steps for it?

No steps… they sent an Email today…
Your account just received a credit of $50 for KEEPSWIMMING50 - 60 day expiration.

But Before 10 days they send me an Email “A gift from us: Credits to keep you swimming” valid for redemption by Wednesday, May 18.*