DigitalOcean Suspended due to overdue, will I get my old data?

Hey, guys, my DO account is suspended due to overdue.

My outstanding amount is $23. I don’t want to use DO for any longer. But I need to get my website backup file manually.

So if I pay only $5 will they restore my account in the order can I get my website data?

Or is there any way to backup my files?

You should pay what you owe. Are you able to access the console?

No I can’t

I don’t think you will get access untill you pay the amount.
Don’t you take backup of your site?

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Are you able to access billing section? If you can’t then you can’t recover the website files.

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He could use wayback machine to copy articles, or Google cached results.

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Have you taken backup of your site?

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Nope! it was brand new site it does not have big database.

But it was designed well and that’s why I am thinking to install that customisation.

Clear dues, they might recover your account. Then, you need to power on server. That’s simple.

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Actually, I faced this issue, when I got my account on hold due to overdue. I just contacted support and explained that I am having financial issue,they understand it and got my account back and I immediately taken backup and then moved website to different server.

However, I paid off the bill after 5 days.

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Is it essential to pay?
I mean If I don’t want use their service and also don’t want pay them, will they take any legal action on me? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Its ethical to pay


I have been in that situation. I was using AWS few years ago and I could not make pay on time but after few years I cleared all my dues instead ignoring. It costed me around INR 2-5K something and I was happy to do that. Then I decided to cancel my account.


Not at all but as @saurav_556 said there are some ethics and principles in our life. If I haven’t paid them I will feel myself in some kind of debt and did something wrong.


I think there should be honesty if you have used someone’s resources.

If you do something wrong and eat something that does not belong to you can make you pay in any alternate way.

Its my own opinion. Rest is your choice.

But for getting something you need to invest something.

We all are bloggers and honesty is our policy. We are serving people by giving them information or services. That is the best thing we can do.

If someone is helping in this work we should also pay them what they deserve. If you have been charged without information then you can ask them for their fault.

By the way don’t take on your own.

Just my opinion.

Ok After reading everyone’s opinion. I comes to the decision.

First I will pay them then I will cancel my account. Thank you for show me correct way.

I have the interest to know which host you will choose after that.


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Recently we have shared here many problems regarding linode. So first be sure about this.
Even you have face issues but digital ocean is the only hope for this.

Linode hosted sites are not reachable with jio network and same time in other network it is opening fine.

We all know that we have most jio visitors from India. So its impact can be bad on your traffic and user experience.

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Thank you bro for alerting me.

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