Disable RSS Feeds

Today I have disabled RSS feeds on my group of blogs. I came to the decision of disabling and removing RSS and other feeds after referring to many posts.
However, I would like to have your feedback on my decision. Friends, advise me If I am doing wrong.

I’m Using RSS Feeds for Google Publisher Centre.

Okay! Are you using anywhere apart from this?

Yes, also using RSS to push notification feature in Truepush.com to send push notifications automatically ipon publishing an article

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RSS feeds are used by Google and other crawlers to discover new content. It’s alternative form of XML Sitemap. I would not advise to disable it unless if you’ve any critical reason such as copy-cat issue.

As a side-affect, you may experience slow indexing.

Thank you for your Advice brother. The reason for disabling is ‘content scraping’. I read many blogs prior to making this decision.
Also, in Google Search Console, there are hundreds of Excluded URLs stating “Crawled and not Indexed”. Google also states that, RSS Feed will not disturb indexing and ranking.

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I always keep it disabled from day 1.
A common problem is content gets scraped automatically via barious plugin used by copycats.

It also helps prevent some security vulnerabilities.

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Try to filter out which client is accessing RSS Feed path, if appears suspecious block it.

cat access.log | grep 'feed'

Some users have said earlier that WordFence helped in tackling this issue.

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Hi Bro… I am also facing a similar Issue… A group of High DA News sites copying my content using automation plugins and ranking top… I am not able to file the DMCA copyright claims every time…

Does disabling RSS on WordPress will index new posts or not… Currently I am using RSS feed in Google Publisher Centre.

I am not sure how it works for news site.

Mine is not a news site… But I applied for Google Publishert Center for faster indexing… Also, I don’t need it… Securing content from scrappers is most important thing for me now…

But my question is does google will index and crawl the site perfectly after removing the RSS feed…

Have you tried disabling RSS feed…?

None of my sites have rss feed enabled. Yet my sites index much better.
Focus on internal linking and good silo structure for indexing.