Do you guys use disavow link? i did once and traffic drop, but i read that you have to disavow link if not your rank will drop…

Ignore it.
Google is smarter that you think!

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There are conflicting opinions on disavow tool by SEOs.

You can disavow links when you make links regularly.

But be careful.

If you use it properly, traffic won’t drop. You should not disavow all links pointed out by Semrush. Rather, you need to use the filters and sort out the links by toxicity, and then manually check those sites. If they’re absolute spam, disavow.

Also, maintain a history of changes made to Google Disavow. First, disavow 50+ domains, wait for 30 days, and then do disavow again. Make sure that you locally save the old disavows so you can always roll back the file if your traffic drops.

If your traffic drops and you rollback disavow, you should see recovery in 1-2 months.

If not, the reason could be something else. Likewise, if your traffic improves, it could be due to disavow (low chances) or something else, such as an algo or link update.

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Be careful while disavowing links, if anything goes wrong it will take ages to get back the lost traffic.