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I want to create a Discourse Forum with Digitalocean. But I have few questions about it.

  1. I am using Hostgator Cloud for my blog webhostingintro.com and I want to create a forum for this site e.g. Forum@webhostingintro[dot]com. Do I need to host my WordPress site on Digitalocean also?

  2. If 1st answer is yes then how much money I have to pay monthly?

  3. If answer is no, then what’s the recommend plan for Discourse on Digitalocean?

  4. Any pre requirements that I must know before start using Discourse forum?

For hosting Discourse at forum.webhostingintro.com you need a droplet of $10/mo with Ubuntu 18.04 x64 OS.

And what about my blog. Do I need to migrate also on Digitalocean and it will charge extra $10?

Not required if you are happy with your current host.

Initially, you can go for 5$ monthly plan. After some time when traffic starts coming you can upgrade to higher plan.

Read and follow this : https://github.com/discourse/discourse/blob/master/docs/INSTALL-cloud.md

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You do not need to move WordPress, just a subdomain will be pointed via existing nameservers’s DNS manager to Droplet.

Thanks bro

You’re most welcome! :blush:

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