[Discussion] WordPress Design Suggestions

I found this community really great! I think that there are some really good people here who are willing to help out each other :smiley:
Anyways, I am a freelancer who works as a Content Writer and Web Designer. I recently got an order from my client, so I thought, why not discuss what themes, plugins you would have used if you were me :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope there are some Web Designers and Developers here :blush:

Anyways, here is the reference link for the website that my client gave me:

As you can see the blog is pretty simple and still looks pretty appealing. Now, I would like to know if you were in my place, what you should have done for the following:

  • Which theme you would have used and Why?
  • Which Page Builder? And which addon for that post-cards?
  • How you would have created those Calculate Your Due Date and Name calculator?
  • Any additions which you would have added to make things look even better.

I am waiting for the answers, especially one from Gulshan :stuck_out_tongue: I have seen a lot of great websites being optimized by him and that’s how I really landed up here in this awesome community.

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The color scheme of this blog looks great as per niche. :+1:


Yes @GulshanKumar , but I was actually looking for the suggestions especially on How you would you have created those Calculate Your Due Date and Name calculator?

Well, that is not something in my domain area. So, I am not able to comment on it.

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Just got to know that @Saksham is pretty good when it comes to designing. :smiley:
Looking for your take on this :blush:

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Site is looking good. I usually use Generatepress/Astra or Hello theme with Elementor page builder though Oxygen is also good.


  • Footer can be improved both in terms of design and SEO
  • Navigation can be more optimized
  • The elements are too crowded. Give a little breathing space to the design
  • The heading tags in the homepage are all wrong
  • Font sizes can be improved… headings should be differentiable


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For Such Simple Theme, I Prefer Design From Scratch, But if You want to Use Theme or Plugin I Prefer Astra + Elemenator or Twenty Seventeen + Elemenator, You can Use Elemenator Header and Footer Block to Design Header and Footer of Your Website.