[Discussion] WordPress Rest API

I recently came across WordPress rest API. I found it really interesting, and I made a site using it.
:arrow_right: https://innovativebeast.netlify.app/

The above site is made using React JS (We can even convert it to NextJS for SEO).

Ok, so while making the above site, I figured out that most of the sites do not block CORS.
This means anyone can access your site’s data easily.

Tell me your thoughts.

BTW, here’s the repo of the above site :point_down:

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Ye indexed to nahi hai warna pata chale ki meri site pe ulta penalty lag jaaye copied content ki😂

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Nhi hai… :grin:
But I’ll recheck…

Innovative technology. Loved the rendering time. Imagine if the JSON response is served CDN-cached, it would be even faster.

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Yeah! Your site is safe… (Static Site) :fire:

It was a typo. I realized it after deploying the site… :sweat_smile: