Do I really need Ads.txt for AdSense?



Is it mandatory to have an Ads.txt file on our website? Recently, I got an Email from AdSense asking me to add one. What are your thoughts?


Check this out:

Sites not on blogger platform have to add Ads.text if their monetization method is Adsense.

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Will there be any issue if I don’t add one and again will it hurt earnings or anything?


You don’t have to use ads.txt, but we recommend that you do. An ads.txt file can help buyers identify counterfeit inventory and help you receive more advertiser spend that might have otherwise gone toward that counterfeit inventory.



Do every site need it, wordpress or blogger?


Nope. It is not mandatory, if you add it is good.

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If you have an ads.txt file and don’t add your publisher I’d in ads.txt then adsense will stop showing ads.

At the same time, plugins like wp quads say that they are observing sites stopped serving ads when they didn’t have ads.txt in place. Even though google says that it is not mandatory, google can mess up your site for it

Ads.txt is actually good for you because it is an identification for your site on the Google network. If you sign up with any premium adx partners, they will fill up your ads.txt with many publishers.

Summart - it is a 5 minute work and you should have ads.txt


I already uploaded the ads.txt file. Anyways Thank You for the info.