Do you use Auto Ads?


After a long time, I visited AdSense dashboard and seen there is a way to enable Auto ads.

How’s your experience with it.

  • I use both Auto Ads and manual, it has increased my earning by 15% or more
  • I am using Auto Ads only and it’s performing awesome.
  • I did not tried Auto Ads yet.
  • I tried Auto Ads however didn’t noticed much improvement so I switched back to manual.

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I have used auto ads and after some time back to manual ads and don’t recommend to use auto ads.


I used when it has launched, It provides a bad user experience…

I Don’t recommend…


I have used it after recent update. My ctr and earning up by 50%. I use it in conjunction with manual ads


Earlier it was bad… now placements are pretty good. I’m using it along with manual placing.
Manual Placing + Auto Ads + Ad Balance = Good revenue and no significant UX compromise


I recommend to use AutoAds, but don’t recommend to use AMP.

If you want lost your user then go for auto ads. I have recently tried second time.

Cant say what you did wrong bro,
I tried it for a month before i moved to ezoic, my traffic grew steady and i got over 75% revenue boost using the same.

Im using auto ads plus manual ads with amp plug in. Auto ads impressions are less than manual ads but it will not effect on revenue.

I think @GulshanKumar should have added one more option i.e. I had enabled it but due to some reason I stopped using auto ads.

My experience with auto ads.( I used manual and auto ads at a same time)

  1. Auto ads get less clicks.

  2. But you have turn on auto ad you will notice increased CPC.

  3. My earning also boosted upto 35%
    (Somehow auto ads + Manual ads try to give extra dollars in you pocket)

  4. Showing more ads which makes slow speed and making bad user experiences in some case.