Do you use microphone for recording youtube videos?


I was trying to record youtube videos. I use camtasia for recording, the video is fine. But, I am not satisfied with the audio.

I usually plug my earphones to my laptop and record with audacity. I use noise removal, but still it disrupts my voice.

So, how to record audio for creating youtube videos?

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I use Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder for audio recording! It’s awesome and economical in that quality audio range!

Other Good option is Blue Microphones YETI GRAY USB Microphone but it’s pretty expensive!

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It costs Rs.5,000 and you mention it to be economical :thinking::thinking:

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You can go for normal headphones then! I am talking about top-notch audio quality range!


That would be great!


Get Blue Snowball (not iCE), a microphone arm stand and pop filter.

You can import your audio in Adobe Audition and it will make it clear as Blue Yeti

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