Does Blog theme plays vital role in seo?


Hi just curious to know whether good theme helps in seo?


Yes it is a widely believed notion that theme helps with seo. I believe that if you have killer content that is not found in any other website, you will rank even if you use default WordPress theme.


The main thing is a theme should looks appealing to user, it should be responsive (mobile friendly) and faster. More better if it contains Schema Markup, Structural data, but it’s hard to find in many theme in free theme.


I was just looking at your site. I would recommend to sub-categorize AdSense & Income Report under Make Money Online.

try to change font size of the navigation bar, 15px would look good. Not sure though because I’m using Ubuntu and things sometimes render very differently.


Use short pixel plugin to compress images and to serve webp images.
TTFB is also very high.


The Theme matters because if you are writing awesome content but have a very heavy theme not well optimized then your content/blog won’t rank good.

The theme must be well-optimized, no bloatware, light-weight and simple with responsiveness. :slight_smile:


Buy the way how did you know my blog name?:slight_smile:


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You’re using Schema Lite or premium


The main areas you have to concentrate on the theme is,
1.) Mobile Responsiveness
2.) Light Weight Scripts
3.) Minimal Usage of Scripts
4.) More Customization Features
5.) Good and Appealing layout
6.) Search Engine Friendly Codings

If any scripts does have all these features, you can use the script and it helps in your SEO as well.