Does Domain Extension Affects SEO and Rankings..?

Does the below extensions are worth buying for an Affiliate Blog?
Does they have any negative impact on rankings…?


The market is used to type familiar TLDs after the business brand name. For example, we all are used to typing ‘.com’ in the end after typing Google (or) Facebook. Technically there is no impact, but morally you will lose traffic from direct sources and referral sources.

thanks myilraj… I got it…

I have one more question on expired domain redirection…
I have redirected an expired domain 20 days back to my new site… Redirection is working 100% fine for all domain prefixes using cloudflare…

But Ahrefs and Google search console not reflecting the redirection links till now…
In Moz and Semrush I can see the expired domain in the list of backlinks…

Earlier Ahrefs used to show within a week… What should I do…?

We have no other option unless to wait for the updation. Google will take some time to index those links.

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For fast updation… Is it better to create a simple wordpress blog on that expired domain in the similar niche and use redirect plugin to redirect the links…?

Sometimes putting the expired domain live back in the old niche also helps! But most bloggers won’t do that.
What I suggest is you buy live websites (that are dropped) due to time inconsistencies. Fix a monthly budget and buy less active domains instead of buying expired domains.

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