Does Jetpack eating your maximum server CPU?

Jetpack - a popular plugin for WordPress by WordPress. You can use it for many reasons like, Security, Single Sigin using Wordpress account, photon cdn, social share buttons, Vaultpreas backpack and many more.

This a really a useful and good plugin for the blogger, who are using Wordpress. But at the same time it is also a very heavy plugin for your web server.

If you install Jetpack and then active all the modules (or maximum) then your website may slow due to adding unnecessary JS and CSS by Jetpack.

I was using Jetpack only for Social Share buttons, 2FA (through SMS) & photon image cdn. It was great. But from last few weeks I noticed that server CPU usage reached 100%. When I checked on Analitics , there was only approx 30 realtime visitors. But website getting 502/504 Gateway error.

I contact with @GulshanKumar to get rid off from this problem. He reviewed my website data and web server logs. Then he informed me that the high CPU usages due to Jetpack (automatically adding some codes) and Truepush (using as push notification service).

He also suggest me to disable these two plugins. I followed his advice and after that I shocked, the CPU usgaes always below 15%. It’s not increasing significantly after getting 200+ realtime visitors kn my website.

Thanks @GulshanKumar for your help.

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So what are you using instead of Truepush?

We don’t really need these stuffs.

  • Ads: No need.

  • Assests CDN: It has some pros and cons, faster in many regions but domain sharding (using multiple domain and increasing DNS lookup) approach is not good.

  • Beautiful Math: Many don’t need.

  • Carousel: Many don’t need

  • Comment Likes: Many don’t need

  • Comments: Many don’t need

  • Contact Form: A simple link to WhatsApp/Telegram works these days than form.

  • Copy Post: This might be useful and I am not sure when

  • Custom CSS: No, need. WordPress has inbuilt.

  • Custom Content Type: Maybe useful but then there are Oxygen, Elementor, etc

  • Enhanced Distribution: Someone who open will see content there, I don’t know how many use that to read as feed

  • Extra Sidebar widget: Yes, this is best way to make site slow.

  • Google Analyics: In the time of GDPR, CCPA, people should prefer alternative such as Koko Analytics it works where Analytics being blocked.

  • SSO: Hiding login page doesn’t help. Most attack happens on existing plugin when they become vulnerable.

  • Social Sharing: Then there is alternative Nova Share which is under 5KB, uses custom table for better performance. It doesn’t fill wp_options like other popular plugins.

  • E-mail newsletter: Sendy is ultimate solution in the long term.


I’m using

only with Truepush and my server RAM is 3GB with 2 vCore CPU but it is handling approx 500+ Realtime.
It’s true that Jetpack is some what a heavy plugin but in the case of Truepush, it is lighter than OneSignal.

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I use these two features of Jetpack. Is there any better & Lighter option for this ?



  • Prevent leaking real username. Here’s how by making a small changes in database. (Ref: #9)

Image Acceleration

Solution with better control over domain name

  • Compress images at online before uploading.

  • Use plugin like ShortPixel / Adaptive images to automate the task. I am not huge fan of this approach because Bulk Compression take ages to complete.

  • Without plugin, BunnyCDN optimizer in one click can serve unlimited CSS, JS and images on the fly in optimized way. This is useful for site with so many images, it can reduce bandwidth and CDN cost as well. (Recommended)

  • Cloudflare Pro plan and above can do in one click.

  • EWWW optimizer plugin can also help. It need little high CPU usage while bulk compression. The best part it is free to use.


How can I add Google Authenticator on Wordpress login? Please suggest any truested plugin or opinion to secure wordpress website with 2FA.

Hi Sajjad,

This is from UpdraftPlus team. I have not tested before. I hope it works.

  • Take a backup before installing.
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This is a good plugin for adding 2FA using Google Authenticator.

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I already Use Smush Plugin for image optimization since start. So can i cancel image accelerator in Jetpack ? and Is Bunny CDN Free ? in my posts there are 1-2 images.

I feel BunnyCDN optimizer $9.50/month is little costly for me. I want to use webp for better image compression.
If we have multiple pullzone and if we opt to use BunnyCDN optimizer, we can only use it for one pull zone, right?

Anyways I am using and for compressing image before uploading.

When you upload an image to WordPress media, it creates three extra images

  • Thumbnail
  • Medium
  • Large

This doesn’t stop here. Some thumbnails are also created by your WordPress theme.

At the end it looks like this …

If I go with ShortPixel I need to pay 1 credit for each image, that means each thumbnail will consume one credit extra as well.


This way a bigger site need more credit

But in case of BunnyCDN Optimizer for unlimited images in a pull zone the cost will be $9.50/mo

Compared to Cloudinary, Gumlet, Cloudflare Pro/Business, the Bunny plan is still very affordable with all available features.


  • Due to bandwidth saving with this approach, a large site owner need to pay less for CDN data transfer.
  • It also does CSS & JS optimization
  • Image resizing
  • No need to use plugin

For small site, I think ShortPixel would be affordable.

Is Loginizer By Softaculous , a good plugin ? it has 1 million plus downloads ! i Tried several attempts to login but not getting mail from them.

Looks good…give a try after taking a backup.