Does Jetpack Photon slows down the site?



I’m using Jetpack Photon since the beginning.

Can someone share their experience or benchmark to prove Jetpack improves site speed or slows it down?


JetPack facts


  • Increases DNS request by serving images with multi-domains. No more fair approach in my opinion. Gone those days of doing,,, to increase parrallel downloading. We are on HTTP/2, we need to forget old theory.
  • High compression for images


  • Reduces image size up to 50-60% due to WebP.


That makes me love Photon :stuck_out_tongue: Any alternative that would compress images when uploading?


If you want exactly-similar-feature to serve WebP on the fly. It would be bit costly. $20/month. Cloudflare PRO Plan.

Alternatively, I cannot recommend any plugin. Very bad experience.


What if I go with KeyCDN/Stackpath on sub-domain and Jetpack photon together. Is this going to work?


Yes, JetPack can work with it.

Currently, your image path is like this

Later it wil be

Or much cleaner… (if you use custom hostname at CDN)


You can use online compression tools like which I am using and compress the images before uploading.
Reduce the workload to the WordPress as much as possible to improve the performance of the blog.