Does making an information only blog is a good idea?

I’ve been advised that making an information-only site can’t give many rewards or much money. But there are some niches in which you can’t apply affiliate marketing. The reason is, there’s no product at all to promote.

So will it affect my earnings if I implement only AdSense? Even if I receive 1M visitors per month?

Please help.

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This is not true at all. Let me show you some successful sites who are doing great with Advt.

Some website do not sell product, they provide information and doing great.

WikiHow: Better known for how-to guides

If you are still in doubt, just have a look at these top Indian blogs. Many listed site, uses Advt.


Even if affilite is not a choice you can go with other monetisation. The problem is most people dont think beyond adsense and affiliate. There can be a tonn. Of ways to monetise a site apart from affiliate.

  1. if you have a great video+audio course or you can create one you can create a membership for small amount of fees(only if you have reached a point where you have a little authority in the industry)

2)Info products and digital tools:- Say you are in programming niche, now it is tough to get an affiliate for that for example. Then you can sell info products like ebooks, or may be a digital tool to get something done. Say a programme for doing xyz task which many people are looking for.

3)Ads goes a long way beyond adsense. There are a tonn of premijm publishers like mediavine, adthrive etc who pay you a lot more than adsense. With a site with 1lakh visitor a month mediavine can pay you upto 1000$ or even more sometimes and adthrive gets even behond that. So, dont get stuck with adsense.

4)Last but not the least is lead generation. Say you are in a realstate niche, you can collect data like phonenumbers and emails and sell it to prospected buyers who can pay you a tonn of money for that. (Make sure you let people know that you will share this info with big companies or people who will help them fknd what they need especially if you are doing it in us and uk)

So, i think its time to give up adsense as only monetization idea and think beyond the limits.


@saurav_556 what monetisation methods you use on your site(s)?

Thanks Saurav for your kind help. The answer is like a digest of a detailed blog monetisation guide. I’ve never heard about Mediavine and AdThrive. Will definitely try them out.

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Thanks Gulshan. I got panicked since I am running an information-only blog as well.

I prefer premium ads, affiliate and info products over anything else. These are some of the most passive options out there.