Does Medium Backlink work for Hindi Blog?

No introduction needs to, How much authoritative it is! But getting a backlink from it is very easy. I want to know, will this kind of backlink works for Hindi Blog? Language difference may stop passing SEO Juice? Why do you think experts ? @gulshankumar

You will get all benefits of Link Juice from the backlink from medium. Find a relevant category to publish your article.

Language difference won’t create problem?

I haven’t tried medium for long time. So don’t know if it really help.

They’re not useless though!

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If you publish article on medium you do not get much views. The important thing is your article should be picked up and published by medium publications like The Mission, The Startup. These publications have lakhs of subscribers and help in article getting views and people then visit your website through article sublinks. Also many of these people then start directly following your articles on medium. My page views have increased by atleast 10% due to medium. Have about 100 followers only but they are increasing.

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