Does WebP conversion Plugin Really Worth Installing?

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Since in recent days, Google is insisting to serve images in nextGen format specially WebP format. Our website is powered by WordPress and I have analyzed many plugins. I have a few questions regarding this.

1.) Which one is the best plugin for this purpose?
2.) Does converting images to WebP really boost our website speed?
3.) Is it possible to revert (Remove) when needed?

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Use shortpixel or imagify for the same
Not a significant boost but yes it does help a little bit.
You can revert it just by disabling it

It depends…

  • What is your server configuration and current caching plugin?
  • Do you have active Cloudflare proxy?

It reduce overall page size, hence faster.

Take backup of “uploads” directory before you proceed. Revert back if you don’t like.

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Hi Brother,
It’s a Litespeed Server with 2GB Ram using LiteSpeed Cache (WP).
Yes, site is behind CloudFlare CDN Prxoxy.

Use Cloudflare Pro - It’s simple way.

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You have Litespeed server…If you are using Litespeed Cache Plugin, enable WebP …

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LiteSpeed cache plugin method is suitable for non-Cloudflare users only.

As Cloudflare cache HTTP response also and it doesn’t respect “Vary Accept” feature for images unless cache bypassed. Chances are WebP file will land in non-supported browser too. Avoid using .htaccess approach for serving WebP with Cloudflare caching.