Domain for Sale (ThemePurchase)



Domain For Sale:
Expire: 04.05.2019

I’m selling it because I have no time for creating a project on this domain and I need some money for my debts. It is a very clean domain name and better than MyThemeShop I think. :slight_smile: You can offer your themes, or affiliates links etc. Or you can sell it in the future.

Transfer fee: Free on Godaddy
Domain Price: 46$ only for HGK members.

Payment Methods: Payoneer, Transferwise or Cryptocurrency


I’m interested, What will be its renew price?


Its renewing price depends on your choice. For example, if you transfer it from Godaddy to Cloudflare, renewing price will be 8$. Also it will expire in 04.05.2020 when you transfer it.


The payment methods are updated.