Domain redirect .com to .org

I have migrated from .com to .org 2years back. Now I want to redirect .com to .org

I am using Cloudflare DNS and Bunny CDN.

Someone please help me to redirect properly.

Have a look

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Hi have redirected the domain. but getting ssl error.

Allow some time…

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Enabled proxied now working well thanks @GulshanKumar

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After redirecting bing not serving my site any idea @gulshan

Try checking the HTTP header response.

curl -I
curl -I
curl -I
curl -I


I can not get this

Open CMD(MS dos) in Windows OS, then run above command for each site version to see the response code such as 200, 301 which should indicate either redirect is happening properly or not.

Please check:

No. I mean, check old domain.

Expected: It should always show 301 to new location.

How to redirect let me know in details

Hi @GulshanKumar is this redirection is setup properly or not?

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Looks correct.

Make sure DNS record of .com old domain is pointed anywhere with :orange: Cloudflare proxy.

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