Domain transfer to cloudflare

Can somebody help me to transfer my domain from godaddy to cloud flare registrar.
Actually this month 27 is renew date for my domain and I want to transfer it to cloud flare registrar as @GulshanKumar said that is the cheapest registrar now and he also did the same thing.
So please suggest me any tutorial or guide for this how to do it?

  1. Login to Cloudflare dashboard
  2. Select your domain name account (if there are multiple in one account)
  3. In top right side, you will see Transfer option.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions
  5. It will ask Authorization code that you can find at previous Domain registrar dashboard.
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Can we register a new domain in cloudflare itself?

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Not for new domain it is only for transferring the domain.

They dont have a registration service right?


Currently, only transfer is possible.

How’s your experience with your new Domain Registrar Cloudflare?

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Not transferred til now as it is showing high price

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Do run to save 100-200 rupees in a year. Transfer domain to google, it is reliable, safe and secure.

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