Domain with Term Google Adsense


There is a domain with googleadsense term in it. It has backlinks from popular (I will say very popular sites of DM niche) Should I buy it or It will be voilation of trademark?


Any domain including trademark keyword should be avoided. Because, it can be hard to explain.

A case …

Also, you can search on Google “Flipkart sends legal notice regarding trademark” to learn about similar case.


Nope! Please Read Google term and condition before purchasing. I didn’t know where to found them but for Facebook I know that I can’t purchase domain with word fb,facebook, insta,instant and many more.


No. avoid it


You mean to say cant buy instantgram?


You should read Lindows controversy.


What happened? Both Linux and Windows sued?



open and see what happens :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s the story:

twitgoo was a popular Twitter client. Got discontinued. it had good backlinks, and someone bought it.
Lindows case is over. Someone bought it. Redirected to Twitgoo.

Now the domain has backlinks from CNN, BBC etc and it ranks like anything! :stuck_out_tongue:


400K views a day from the US by doing nothing. That guy was lucky/smart, and bought the correct domain.


You can use it:


The domain I was talking above had links from Neil Patel’s website. Though it seems that he sold those links


what would be the best way to acquire a inactive domain? The current owner is from Japan.


no idea :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahrefs can do this. You can either use it’s trial or buy from group buy. If free tools can do this then nobody would be buying Ahrefs.


Try finding his Facebook and contact him. If not Facebook, contact from any other medium. It will work.


yes! You can’t buy anything with word insta and gram. I came to know about it when I’m making a fb page


I bought this domain via Godaddy Auction since domain was de-indexed and bidders were afraid to place higher bid and after purchasing I got to know that someone used for viagra/adult stuff then I thought to sell someone for PBN purpose but before selling I decided to apply for reconsideration and it penalty was lifted. This is still an experimenting and a side project for me since I test several SEO tactics on this. Lindows was NOT just redirect there was some strategy behind this since only 301 redirects won’t help these days.


The legend is here to guide on backlinks :slight_smile: