Don't like Gutenberg? Use Classicpress


Classicpress is a Fork of WordPress 4.9.8 which aims to make itself more resilient, business focusses and stay away from Gutenberg.

Check them out:

They have plugin to move site from wp to cp.


What is advantage of ClassicPress? Faster? More Secure?


More secure (as claimed by developer)

No Idea about performance.


For now, this WordPress plugin is an easy way to remove Gutenberg editor and revert to Classic Editor.


@itsbhanusharma I talked to the developer of classicpress on Twitter 2 months ago. He was proclaiming that it comes with inbuilt cache system and image compression with a good looking interface


I don’t have any idea until I have actually deployed it in production. There’s a lot to be figured out.


I would also like to give it a try.


All the best :slight_smile:


This is another plugin, it completely disable gutenberg.


Wow! plugin by Jeff Starr, definately it would be good. :+1: