Doubt about child theme

Hi all! As I told you I installed GP premium theme. Now I have some doubts…

Actually before I kept GP child them activated. But now I activated GP premium parent theme and here I did all customisation now the question is what to do with child them?

I was using child them because -

  1. I don’t want to loose customised css when updating main theme.
  2. By using child theam I can directly insert php code in function.php and avoid plugin like code snippets.

Now scenario is completely changed I customise website using directly parrent theme and kept it in activate mode. Other side I have installed but not activate child them having previous codes.

So which version should I keep in activated mode parent or child?

summarised question is…

If we have two themes in our WordPress directory i.e. Parent theme and Child theme

Which version should be active in Appearance >>themes

Activate the Child Theme if you don’t want to lose your Custom Codes

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