Doubt regarding youtube videos in wordpress blog

Does it affect SEO if I use youtube videos uploaded by someone else in blog posts?
Do I need to request permission for the original uploader and give credit to him in the blog post?

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Welcome @Rocki to Gulshan Forum,

It will reduce your bounce-back rate, which makes positive feedback on your site, if you put visual contents along with text content.

Yes, you should ask for permission as well as give a credit to the owner.

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If I use someone else’s video, as I am not using the content entirely created by me, will there be any penalty from google’s side?

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Not exactly, since you are not stealing the same. You can embed the video. Even the the video uploader may land in your inbox for a thanks message if you send him a good traffic.


No, Feel free to embed videos…

You are promoting someone else video on your blog as well as providing value to your readers…

Totally, agree with this…


You are free to use any digital literature available on the Internet until (or) unless you are open to credit the original author. It also helps in creating a healthy blogging environment.