Download Website in Local PC?

Is there any way to download my own existing website to my PC?

I can develop a MAMP or LAMP environment with wordpress. But how do i clone all my files and my Database etc

Any ideas to do this simply

  1. Take a backup of your existing with All in One Migration (Adjust URL if needed)
  2. Restore at locally hosted new WP
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If you are using CPanel –
Login to your CPanel > file manager > select all files and folders > right-click to compress it in Zip Format > Wait for some time and download the zip file.
Step 2:
CPanel > PHPMyAdmin > Database > export as .SQL > download.

Now you can install it on your local computer.

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If our site is 70 GB then all in one will create a 70 GB backup file?

Most likely. It will be little compressed.

If you want splitted in few portions then you can use UpdraftPlus to take a local backup

PS. Moving from live ( to localhost (http://localhost) may require URL adjustment.


There is a clean manual approach

  1. Install plain WordPress in your localhost. For example: http://localhost
  2. Now here you need to replace wp-content and SQL database.

Let me know if you get stuck at any point.


I simply did one thing and it worked like a charm

I used duplicator plugin

Downloaded the archive and the package

Downloaded Wordpress instance for windows

Just copy pasted the archive and package and did the normal duplicator install

Within half hour I could install a large site in my local PC. And it ran nicely!

I have saved several $$$ by replicating my site locally. Now I can bloody play with the site as much as I want because I never replicate staging to live site.

The exercise was however waste because the plugin I was debugging didn’t run even with all plugins uninstalled, theme changed and server changed. I have written to plugin author now. Lets see

But above is a good method to copy site locally.

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This is the approach i used. But instead of manually installing, i just used LocalWP which is plain plug and play wordpress. Very nice.