Duplicate HTML Paragraph Tags

Hey Guys,

I am having a WordPress website and that website is having Divi theme installed.

Now, to make the website responsive I am disabling some modules which are available on Desktop and I am creating the same module for mobile as well.

I am not using a media query because my team doesn’t know how to code.

Let me give you an example here.

I wrote a text Gulshan Forum in a text module and I hide that module for mobile and tablet

then I create a new module with the same text but I hide for desktop.

Now, I am using the Divi disable module option to hide things.

Will Google consider this as Duplicate content? I am just thinking that is Google that dumb it will read that content.

No. I don’t think Google will ding for common practices.

Now, there is one more thing here. When I go to view page source I am seeing the Gulshan Forum Twice…

Sorry, I didn’t get what exactly you are trying to convey. In Discourse, it has system to override design (in non-js) for Search Engine bot.