Dynamically changing title of posts for A/B testing

I saw that there’s a tool called tag tester in Ezoic which lets you try out different titles for a post. I wanted to do the same for my blog posts using a WP plugin. Is it even worth doing this? Is it gonna cause a negative impact on my SEO? Also, I only wanted to test this on one of my blog posts. Like split traffic between TITLE -1 and TITLE -2 and see which title performs well.

If the article is already ranking in the top 14-15 then i would go slow with the experiment.

If article is beyond 15, example 15 to 100 then u can do what u want. Coz why would u care about an article thats not driving clicks anyways? Always experiment with articles ranking beyond 15. Do as many experiments on them as u want.

Here are my recommendations
Take a backup of the HTML part of the post. The title and the meta description. Paste all this in a notepad file

Now u have a backup to original ranking of the post

Now u change and A/B test whatever u want. Give it 7-14 days for one test. Keep checking GSC on when google crawled that url. sometimes google can take 2-3 crawls before it refreshes the actual content of a page. So take ur time with it.

Take backup of title and post
Note down rank and pageviews of the post before optimization.
Change the title
Keep checking the url in GSC every 2 days. Google will crawl it. Dont request crawls.
In 14 days u can check rank difference

FYI - Wont make much changes. U gotta optimize all headers of a post to make a real change. Just changing H1 wont do much.