Earnings at risk - One or more of your sites does not have an ads.txt file

What to do now?


Create a ads.txt file with your Pub ID and upload it to your site.


Use WP File manager to upload ads.txt file to root directory.


Here’s how to create an ads.txt file to publicly declare that Google is authorized to sell your ad inventory:

  1. Upload ads.txt file at root directory with below code, so it would be accessible at example.com/ads.txt
google.com, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0
  1. Must replace 0000000000000000 with your publisher ID which you can find in your Ad unit.

I found this guidance provided by Google and did it.
But I can not understand why Google is showing this now when I am using this for 3 years without that file?

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Is your ads.txt file accessible right now?

Yes… I have uploaded that file

If it is accessible on the web, you can safely ignore it.

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On the web?
https://example.com/ads.txt showing page not found

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Then how can you say

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I mean
I have uploaded that file to my root directory then I did not check it
But when I am checking it now then I have found it not working

You might have uploaded at wrong directory. The file ads.txt should be located at public directory where you can find a huge list of other files and folder such as wp-content, wp-admin, wp-includes, robots.txt, etc.

Don’t do yourself. Just consider contacting host and ask them to upload correctly.

Ohhh… Do I have to upload it to public_html folder?

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Exactly. It sounds like you are using cPanel based hosting. That’s correct, you need to upload at public_html directory, when we say public safely can be assumed public_html. :smile:

I simply said public because as per Server configuration that is supposed to vary.

Hmmm got it bro…

Now it is showing properly bro…

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Good to know. :+1:

You’re welcome!

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What about this num?

Source: https://iabtechlab.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/IAB-OpenRTB-Ads.txt-Public-Spec-1.0.2.pdf

That is Google Cert ID.

It would be same for every Direct publisher who is using Google AdSense.