Earnings at risk - One or more of your sites does not have an ads.txt file

That’s how it converted i will fix. Is this correct now.

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Can you just copy paste this in a single line and change the 00000000000000 with your publisher ID…

google.com, pub-000000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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The file name should be in the small letters.

Right: ads.txt
Wrong: Ads.txt

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Try this plugin



many Adsense users facing this problem these days, I m also facing this problem. I already added the ads.txt file in my site but ads not showing.

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Tell your url

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How much time it will take to solve this problem after upload ads.txt file?

Why, I haven’t got this warning @GulshanKumar

I don’t know. If any linked site miss ads.txt file then it generally appear.

How to create this kind of gifs

SBI Bank customers, did you get your Adsense payment?

Yes… received on Tuesday

Dear all, sometimes it happens when any website or ad network use your publisher id in another ads . txt (which other ad network provides) to update on their partner websites or sometimes if someone using your publisher id.
Google shows this warning - open it on the browser and go to the warning “Read more” or “Take action” like button
There will be the list of the website(s) which is using your ad publisher id - just remove / block that URL.

NOTE Must keep the ads . txt with your domain (I hope everybody is doing the same.

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2-3 days

Thanks a lot @DUGGU bhaiya for sharing this. it also started showing the warning. I added the ads.txt now

@GulshanKumar Bhaiya. Incase, i am using adgebra and taboola along with Adsense on my site. So, do i need to mention that also in Ads.txt

Yes, of course you need to mention them. You can ask publisher to learn about how they suggest. Here’s a hint

There are two types code we use for direct and reseller.

AdSense is Direct, Adx is a Reseller.

Me have a blogspot, I migrated to custom domain. After seeing the message I removed blogspot from list of site and message disappeared. As the blogspot already redirecting to current site, am i done the right thing?

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As per best of my knowledge: If you have moved to custom domain then only your domain should be there.

Note: I never worked with blogspot, so also check other sources and others replies.


I have added ads.txt file 2 days back. Now my adsense not showing ads. I didn’t get any notification or mail from Google.

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