Easywp internal cache remove

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I had a website that was previously on easy wp, which had its own internal cache (not a plugin). And since i have moved to another host just yesterday my wp admin login, everything on dashboard became really slow and installing a cache plugin fails (This plugin is not necessary since Easywp already has its own cache)

Please suggest me a way i can get rid of the older cache.

Hi Ronakl

Dashboard (/wp-admin/index.php) and its plugin page especially can be real slow due to external HTTP API request.

What you can do?

  • Please take backup.

  • Use Query Monitor to see what is making slow. Is it some problematic SQL Query, or is it HTTP API? EVENTUALLY it can be figured out by testing.

  • In one case, I have seen Yoast SEO Premium being slow with curl request.

  • You should also check site health and ensure you are on latest PHP version


I have this same problem and I’d like to figure out how to remove EasyWP’s cache so I can install others.

@GulshanKumar are you able to advise on how I could do this?

I just found your forum from Google but I remember you from a couple of years ago when Shoutmeloud still had a forum.


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  • Login to SFTP / File Manager
  • Go to wp-content directory
  • Check ‘plugins’ and ‘mu-plugins’ directory
  • You may find plugin there and delete it

Remove the wp-nc-easywp plugin files and do not forget to remove the wp-nc-easywp.php file which says "require WPMU_PLUGIN_DIR.’/wp-nc-easywp/index.php’; " inside
If you do not remove the file and disable the plugin it might break your site

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