Ecommerce Website

Which platform should I use for an eCommerce website? Should I use WordPress (total products are around 15 and will not increase drastically in the future).

Wordpress with some premium plugin depending upon your product.
Woocommerce, learndash, membermouse,sendowl there is a huge list to choose from!

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I don’t have so much experience in it. But you can try WordPress+woocommerce
Why so:

  • Flexible
  • Full Control
  • Extension Plugins for Additional Features
  • Almost all Payment Gateways have Wp plugins
  • Easy to Add, Delete and Edit products

If product is fixed, use RazorPay payment button. That’s simple as creating pricing table and putting buy now in the bottom.

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You can use PayU also for the same feature, as Razorpay only accept international transactions if you have registered your business. Is it still rule for international transaction right @GulshanKumar ?

They are fixed right now and theclient will be only selling in India. I would also like now how much should one charge for such websites?

You may charge hourly as you like.