Edge Caching and Cloud Firewall with BunnyCDN - WordPress Plugin

Download :arrow_right: https://wordpress.org/plugins/edge-caching-firewall-bunnycdn/

Edge caching and security made simple.

Enjoy the Reverse-Proxy Edge full-page caching and DDoS protection in 90 seconds setup :sunglasses:


:gift: Your Benefits

  • Page Caching at BunnyCDN Edge with auto purge made easier!
  • Get TTFB 100ms globally with Edge caching.
  • Hide the Origin IP to prevent DDoS attack.
  • Automatically bypass the cache for logged in users.
  • Fix latency issues for anonymous visitors far from your server.
  • Not just Static files, cache everything at one hostname.
  • Cache Post, Pages, RSS Feed with automatic purge by URL.

:3rd_place_medal: Salient Features

  • Automated purge for best possible Cache HIT ratio in the Industry
  • Purge relevant URLs for Post status change, new comment
  • Automatically purge all cache for site-level changes
  • Automatically bypass cache for dynamic request
  • Automatically Ignores tracking-system query strings for better Cache-HIT ratio.
  • Allow you to Clear cache for a page or site via admin toolbar
  • Get your beloved WordPress admin toolbar while logged in. And, never while logged out.

Intelligent cookies-session handling :clap:

  • Displays comment moderation status to the comment author.
  • Bypasses page caching for ‘Remember Me’ checked the login
  • In other event, can serve cached response instantly after ‘log out’.
  • Bypasses page caching for cart of ‘Easy Digital Downloads’ & ‘WooCommerce’

Assets Optimization in just few clicks

Want to serve nex-gen Image format? It’s easy!

  • Free: Vary Cache, to extend support for WebP Express, ShortPixel
  • Paid: Optimizer ($9.5/mo), for automated CSS/JS minify, WebP.
  • Can always serve edge and browser caching for static files even if logged in.


  • AMP official plugin only, yet no plan to extend for AMP for WP.
  • Autoptimize, if AO clear cache we will do purge everything automatically.
  • bunny.net, official plugin still helpful for static files with perma-cache.
  • Forget Spam Comment
  • WebP Express
  • Fluent Form, Contact Form 7
  • RankMath

Things completely bypassed from Page Caching

  • XML Sitemap
  • WordPress Search
  • REST API Route
  • Pagination (example.com/blog/page/n/)


  • Get BunnyCDN API.
  • Cloudflare DNS.

Recommended Hosting for India
Why these? Because Bunny also uses same server. Using same can speed up TTFB for uncached response.

  • Linode
  • DigitalOcean

== How to use ==

  • Deactivate and Delete existing Page Caching plugin.
  • Install and activate this plugin
  • Enter API Key
  • Click on PullZone setup
  • Update DNS records as suggested
  • Restart your browser completely
  • Your site should be now proxied at Bunny.net CDN server.


  • ‘BunnyCDN HTML Caching’ is an UNOFFICIAL, WordPress plugin for Bunny.net CDN services users. For technical queries, please seek our official support channel only.
  • The use of Bunny.net API key is subject to applicable ‘Pricing’, ‘Terms’ and ‘Acceptable Usage Policy’ as set forth mentioned at bunny.net website.
  • This plugin does not and will never knowingly, unknowingly track/spy any personal info in any way.
  • Kindly note, you are self-responsible for issuing and renewing TLS/SSL at origin and Pull Zone for an HTTPS site. Self-Signed can be easier as slightly less secure option, and valid SSL is best for security.
  • We recommend you have a backup of DNS before making changes for SSL installation.
  • You are not entitled to receive any support. This is free to use AS IS services.
  • Use of 3rd-party proxy services together is forbidden.
  • Cache HIT ratio is subjective to site usage.
  • You should delete Pull Zone self after plugin deactivation.
  • 3rd-party compatibility is subject to improve in future.
  • Your use of this plugin is at your own risk. In no shall events plugin will be liable for any loss or misconfiguration.

Your understanding would be much appreciated

== Installation ==

To install this plugin from WordPress Dashboard

  1. Deactivate other page caching plugin and caching system in advanced.
  2. Go to Plugins menu > Add new
  3. Search for BunnyCDN HTML Caching
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  5. Enter Bunny.net API Key and setup the plugin
  6. Update the DNS records at Cloudflare as suggested by plugin
  7. Restart the browser.

To install this plugin manually

  1. Deactivate other page caching plugin and caching system in advanced.
  2. Download the ‘BunnyCDN HTML Caching’
  3. Upload BunnyCDN HTML Caching to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  5. Enter Bunny.net API Key and setup the plugin
  6. Update the DNS records at Cloudflare as suggested by plugin
  7. Restart the browser.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

What are minimum requirements?
This plugin has been always tested with /%postname%/ permalinks. HTTPS and www is strongly recommended. However it can work with http/https/http-www/https-non/subdomain. Not tested with Multi Sites. Please take a backup before using this plugin. Deactivate other Page Caching system to avoid conflicts. This plugin is itself a Page Caching system and comes with sufficient support for static files.

Why www or subdomain is recommended for Canonical?
An actual CNAME can be much faster and accurate in routing compared to ANAME or CNAME Flattening . See the case-study. Hopefully, we will soon have a good news for root domain as well. A work is in the progress. Initial testing has shown promising result. For now, please redirect non-www to www. Or, if you are on other subdomain then it’s perfectly fine.

Shall I change DNS TTL?
Please do not change anything. Auto mode is best as per our test. Changing TTL from auto to something else can affect geo-routing. That maybe best practices in other case but not this.

How to get technical assistance for this plugin?
Please allow me a chance to look into your problem by opening a support topic or joining conversation at official forum. I will reply in 72 hours.


= 1.0.0 =

  • Initial release

I think this will make static site absolute. As everything is getting delivered through CDN. I am right? Or missing something?

Yeah, it’s better. Unlike Static which takes longer in new deployment, this plugin can perform automated INSTANT cache invalidation for all common-events, handle dynamic requests from Easy Digital Downloads, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce as well.


When do you think this plugin works for multisite? I really want to try it

New Feature - Cloud Firewall

  • Origin Access Token


Suppose, you’re using Bunny as reverse-proxy and you have few Edge rules for security such as -

 # Just an example
 If request URL matches */wp-login.php*
 and Country is NOT 'India'

It can be bypassed if someone make direct request to your hostname using hosting (origin) IP.

To prevent this case, Origin Access Token feature is there. This is a foundation of security.

This is truly amazing - thank you. One of the things static sites are promoted for is security. Is that advantage real and does this plugin eliminate it? Are there any advantages at all with static WP sites now your plugin is here? Thank you sir!

This is not related to ‘static’. Instead, this handle dynamic requests such as /wp-admin/, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads as well. This is a Cloud based Page Caching solution and Firewall.

Traditionally, we use CDN via cdn.example.com hostname for the static files. But this plugin allow you to setup at example.com, www.example.com to leverage Cache Everything functionality.

For all common events such as post update, comment approve, theme switch, post trash, etc plugin will purge the relevant URLs automatically.

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Sorry, it’s the way I phrased my question. What I’m asking is, if we compare:

Dynamic site with your plugin --vs-- Static site

Are there any advantages at all with a static site, or is a dynamic WP site with your plugin better in every way? Thank you!

SSG or Static WordPress or Static Site Generator are great for ‘small site’ with few pages that need high security, and want to host for free at Netlify or at low cost.

There are two problems sometimes it is possible to face missing detection of URLs and slow deployment especially at large site.

If you have a small site with few pages that rarely need update, static is great for you. You can read here https://gulshankumar.net/static-wordpress-bunnycdn/

But if you have a large site with many categories, thousands of posts and real time collaboration you can try my plugin. It allows instant purge.

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Gulshan, you are a gentleman! Thank you so much for your talent and generosity. I’ve learned so much reading your posts and your replies. Thanks for taking the time to clarify all this, it’s really so useful.

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