Effect of changing of existing url of a post

(Sham Sundar) #1

Hi friends,

I want to update the post of my blog and also want to change the URL of the post. Will it affect in anyways in google indexing. What steps should I take to prevent unnecessary error?

Thanks in adavance.


Yes, it may affect for a months at least. You should prefer 301 redirection from the old to new path.

(Sham Sundar) #3

Thanks Gulshan. How to do 301 redirect?, Can you provide a quick and easy guide?

  1. Also i have few posts deleted in the past, it is causing crawl errors. Please let me know how to avoid it.

  2. Also if possible on how to remove those urls from Google search results?

Thanks in Advance.


Whenever you . . .

  1. change a permalink - redirect to the new permalink using a free plugin called Simple 301 Redirect
  2. delete a post - you can (not mandatory) redirect to a related post.

(Ajay Malik) #5

If you setup a 302 redirect it won’t affect you SEO. Your Post automatically update i google in few days on same rank.
I recently change URL of all my post by removing date from them setting a 302 redirect from old URL to new URL.

(Myil Raj) #6

Changing existing URL will however affect the site severely if done massively.