Elementor behaving buggy?

Hi everyone,

I have a fresh wordpress install and installed elementor and like 6-7 other plugins (most of them I use all the time, so they do not cause any known conflict with elementor).

No caching plugin is there, but site is behaving buggy. Colors get changed itself sometimes to default blue, sometimes a section does not shows up even when it is all fine in backend.

I do not use any cdn for now. Anyone having any idea what can cause it ? I am using Hello theme by elementor


Faced it 2 weeks ago in free version. I was try to making a similar homepage like NDTV and Jagran using elemntor and generatepress

Steps to troubleshoot

  • Take a current backup at server level

  • Rollback WordPress to earlier version

  • See if it helps

Hi I have a blog and I am using Paid version of Generate press. Is it a good option to edit the theme or create home page with elementor? Will it slow down the website?

You can use GenerateBlocks plugin. It has not much features as in Elementor but it’s worth trying. I think you will love Generateblocks since it only uses 4 block: Container, Grid, Headline, Buttons.
It is a lightweight block where you can accomplish anything. It is developed by Tom Usborne, the main person behind GeneratePress Theme.
I think Pro version is coming soon.

Try disabling their new DOM option in the settings. This should fix the issue.

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Thankyou everyone for your response:-

@GulshanKumar Downgraded Wordpress core/Elementor versions - Did not worked.

@Saksham This did not worked either. I also changed css print method and other common troubleshooting tips from elementor and nothing worked.

Seems many other are facing same: https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/12363

If I found any solution, I will update


Elementor is behaving weirdly since the wp 5.5 update :roll_eyes:

New update is up with following patches:-

These patches include fixes for inconsistencies with global colors and fonts, server overload due to data updater issues, columns disappearing when dragged if it includes a global widget and more.

Here is the full list of fixes:

Elementor (3.0.7)
Fix: Additional cases of Global Style inconsistencies in Editor and Frontend
Fix: Plugins conflict on non-admin login to the dashboard
Fix: PHP error undefined method add_repeater_row caused data updater issues and server overload
Fix: Global Colors and Fonts not being saved when created in Site Settings

I hope its fixed for everyone

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