Elementor help: Show menu on a slider


Hey everyone,

I have made a custom menu using Mega menu plugin and I have added a slider at homepage using elementor

What I want it that slider keeps working and menu can be shown on the slider . Is it possible and if yes can I do it in free version? (You can say I want to show one section on other)

(If you think Z Index can help, please explain a little bit about how to do that with Z Index option)


Give a negative margin to the slider.


But it then gets hidden because there in two different sections


Give higher z-index value to the menu.


That way, the menu background overrides things. I need I should make one with transparent background


I think that’s what you wanted to do?

If you want to blend the menu and slider together then make the menu background transparent.


Yes, I want to do same. Lemme try and update you :slight_smile:

By the way, Thanks for inputs man …


Thanks It all worked for me :slight_smile:

God Bless :slight_smile: